Home Selling Tips for a New Seller

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2nd March 2021

Home Selling Tips for a New Seller

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Selling your home can be tough. Just about everyone will have strong emotions associated with a very first home – and these can make it harder to sell.

That’s not just because you might be tempted to procrastinate. How we feel about a home can create a challenge: Putting the wrong price on it.

It’s easy to overprice a property because of its sentimental value. Luckily, a local real estate expert can help. By researching recently-sold homes in the area, he or she can price any property to attract buyers.

Although pricing is best left to the professionals, there are many things you can do to help in selling your home faster. With these tips, you’ll make it much more likely to connect with the right buyer and get to closing without a hitch:


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1. Decide on the Best Timing

Timing is the second-biggest factor in selling your home, right behind price. Timing should strike a balance between meeting your needs and taking advantage of the home market’s busiest seasons.

2. Work on Any Crucial Repairs

Necessary repair work is another factor that influences timing. Virtually all today’s buyers will insist on a complete home inspection that discloses all issues in need of repair – and some insurers even require it. Problems that tend to spook buyers include electrical faults, sewer and septic, roofing near the end of its functional life, and signs of pest infestation. Especially termites!

3. Stage Your Home

Staging is an essential part of selling any home. You should plan to clean the house thoroughly and de-clutter. Removing large furniture items and clearing your closets makes a home look more open and airy. It’s also a good idea to improve lighting: Use brighter bulbs and maximize natural light by removing any heavy window coverings. Your agent will have other suggestions, too.

4. Get Professional Photos Done

Photos are an essential piece in promoting any home. Would-be buyers want to see the whole property at its best. That means both interior and exterior images taken by an experienced photographer. The cameras used by professionals provide crisp, clear, vibrant photos that no cell phone can match. These will help your online home listing to stand out from the crowd.

5. Get Ready for Open House

An open house is the best way to attract buyers who are motivated to take action fast. Visitors will either learn that the property isn’t right for them – saving both you and them some time – or end up more excited than ever. Work together with your real estate agent to make sure each visitor gets the personal touch from start to finish, including a folder of home photos and perks.

6. Be Ready to Respond to Offers

Buyers’ offers come with an expiration date, so line everything up to move quickly. Look at all the practicalities – especially what it will take to get you out the door in time for closing day. Compare offers from various movers and discuss your move-out timeline. Consider moving inessential items to a storage facility. Ideally, you should aim to respond to buyer offers within three days.

Last but not least, be sure to give yourself time to bid your first home, “farewell.” It can be a bittersweet time, but you are on to even greater adventures! An orderly selling process means a stress-free closing, and you can start to enjoy your new home even sooner.

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