House Valuations Dublin

House valuation Dublin

Need an estate agent for your house valuation

When it comes to selecting the estate agent you feel will do the best job to get your property seen and sold, it can be worth shopping around.

Ask for recommendations from friends or family members
You could get a valuation from 2 or 3 estate agents in your area
Compare the additional services and effort each agent will go to
Of course, it’s crucial to compare the valuation price they offer
Advertise your home online

House valuation

There are many factors out of your control that will affect your house valuation, such as your property’s size, location, and the current market. However, if you’re wondering how to get a higher house valuation, a little consideration about how to best show off your property to an estate agent can go a long way.

Estate agents do not take photos on valuation, but you should make your property as presentable, clean and inviting as you will for every potential buyer’s visit. Seeing your property in its best light will help make their valuation as accurate, honest and positive as possible.

That said, a good estate agent can see beyond a bit of clutter and will suggest any small tasks you might undertake ahead of photography, such as the odd paint job or carpet clean.

House valuation Dublin

Offering accurate, timely house valuations

Our House Valuations Dublin team is Ireland based property valuation company solely focused on valuations. Dublin Homes covers all areas of Dublin and County and our aim is for reviews to be processed and sent back to customers within 24/48 hours.

Dublin Homes is currently represented on all Irish Banking and Credit Institutions boards and are well known in the industry for the exceptionally high level of House Valuations service we provide to banks and their customers.

Our House Valuations Dublin experts have a great working relationship with all sales representatives. Our House Valuations Dublin experts enjoy quick access to properties but also access to the latest values ​​and information to ensure our valuations are always as accurate as possible.

House valuation Dublin

What to ask in your estate agent valuation

An important tip for valuing a home is to remember that a real estate agent’s first visit is as much an opportunity for you to get to know them as it is for them to get to know your property.

Our expert home appraisers and advisers are experienced in commercial and residential valuation and are happy to provide professional advice on all aspects of property management and answer any questions you may have about property evaluation. We provide home valuations Dublin and across all sectors including retail, office, industrial, residential, development and farmland. In addition to providing valuation advice, we continually add value by identifying opportunities to maximize property value.

When discussing your property with an estate agent, you can ask

What additional services they provide. For example, do they have an easy way for you to track buyer visits and your sale, or will you have regular updates from a dedicated contact?
For a breakdown of their fees
To see similar properties to yours, their valuation and final selling price

For guidance on the market and buyers’ appetite
An appraisal visit can take up to an hour, depending on the size of your home, how many questions you have and how eager the real estate agent is to be assigned to your business.

House valuations Dublin

What is the value of your House ?

Determining the price of your home is important if you want to sell your home and determine the correct asking price. Even if you don’t intend to sell the property, it’s interesting to see how much your investment has grown over the years, or perhaps you’re looking to refinance your home with a new mortgage. For this reason, it is important that an experienced appraiser appraise your property and provide you with a personalized appraisal report.

Whether you’re moving or just looking for an idea of ​​your property’s value, a home appraisal can be complex and time consuming. Dublin Homes offers a variety of house valuations services to help you value your assets so our House Valuations Dublin experts can be safely and accurately insured. Our House Valuations Dublin experts understand the nature of this convenient house valuations service for banks, lawyers and individuals, whereby our representative collect the keys to the property and provide a full and prompt valuation of your property.

house valuation dublin

Commercial and Residential Property Valuation

If you are looking for commercial and residential property valuation we can help you to make an informed property decision, our dedicated house valuations Dublin experts have many years of experience selling commercial and residential property in Dublin, and among other cities. deep knowledge of their field. in the right direction.

All house valuation reviews are market based, taking into account our extensive house valuation market knowledge and detailed database of comparable information. Our House Valuation Dublin team provides property valuations in Dublin and across all sectors including retail, office, industrial, residential, development and farmland. In addition to providing property valuation advice, our House Valuations Dublin team constantly add value by identifying opportunities to increase property value.

As a focused, independent valuations dublin team, our house valuations dublin experts work harder and smarter to sell your property in the shortest possible time at the highest possible price.

Do you need a property valuation for a mortgage?
Would you like to appraise a property for sale?
On request, we can also carry out a commercial evaluation

Role of The Valuer

The task of an appraiser is to carry out a professional and impartial valuation for the client without external influences. The appraiser must present his findings clearly and unequivocally, and the file can stand up to later scrutiny.

The estimated amount for which the property must be exchanged on the valuation date between a interested buyer and a interested seller in an arm’s length transaction, after proper marketing, each party acting knowingly, prudently, and without compulsion.

Property Valuation standards are first introduced in Ireland when there were no general valuation standards and subsequently the Dublin Homes is adopted in Ireland.

Property Valuer maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity at all times and will conduct their business in a manner that does not harm their clients, the public, or their profession.

The valuer must be able to demonstrate professional skills, knowledge, care and ethical behavior appropriate to the nature and scope of the valuation and must disclose any factors that could affect an objective valuation. Each valuation must provide an informed and independent value judgment supported by recognized valuation principles.

House Valuations House Valuations House Valuations

Estate Agents

elling or letting your home in Dublin? Get to know our team of expert estate agents and letting agents, based in Dublin 15 & Dublin 9.

Beginning the process of selling your home or valuing your home can be a stressful time, even daunting, especially if you are totally new to the process. However, here at Dublin Homes we want to help you have a positive, enjoyable, and most importantly, rewarding experience. Our team believes in transparency, communication, and efficiency and will work together with you every step of the way. We nurture and value our relationship by clear and regular communication. All of this means that we can deliver on our philosophy.

Our philosophy is simple: we work hard and smart for you. Customer Service – I strive to offer you superior customer service, designed around your individual needs. I am available at the end of the phone and guarantee to return all calls by day end or latest the following morning.

Simple English – I will explain everything to you in easy-to-understand terms, helping you through the process of selling your house or apartment.

I get the right client for your property, whether you’re selling or renting it, helping you make improvements to sell your property along the way.